Automobili Pininfarina

HMI and Digital identity creation for the Automobili Pininfarina 100% electric hyper car reveal at Geneva International Motor Show 2019





The most powerful
Italian sports car ever.

The new pinnacle of the hypercar,inspired by a beautiful past.
Where sumptuous luxury and sustainability are one.
In Battista, we are crafting an equilibrium of extremes never seen before.
Exquisite form, unprecedented performance and pure electrified power combine to create a new paradigm in luxury.
This rare hypercar is a beautiful symbol of progress in a world that for nine decades has celebrated the tradition of innovation for which Pininfarina is famous.

Building simple and emotional experience.


When I start the mission the display disposition was already define by the interior design team. This car is the first of is kind and the first of the brand it’s mean there was graphical identity define.

The first step was to understand the display layout and the technical constraint behind it, the HMI is based on two touch screens, one on each side of the steering wheel and another one smaller behind. Two touch screens on each side means using both right and left hand to interact with the car.

Because of this constraint the interaction have to be simple as possible to be efficient and usable in any case. My wishes were to create an architecture who allowed to switch content from the left to the right screen to be comfortable for both left and right-handed person.
After an ultra confidential user testing, together with automobili pininfarina we take the decision to use mobile app basic interaction to navigate through the different screen, guided swipe and scroll action to avoid the fact to click on small area as much as possible while driving the car. Big and simple movement to achieve efficient interaction. As a non-touchable surface the middle screen have been used to display the speed and gearbox statement. Defining the architecture of this HMI was a great challenge.

Create digital identity

User interface

Creating digital identity from scratch for a never seen before type of hypercar combining luxury and sportiness DNA. As user experience designer I always want the graphic to serve a purpose. Once the architecture was done it was now time to define the graphical layout that will feet with the simplicity of usage. Based on ergonomics and because of the screen light emission the user interface as to be dark and non-distractive. We decide to use flat interface to make the information clear and accessible.
There is several color input going through the three screens to indicate the driver in which driving he/she is currently driving. Because of the electrification the battery statement is a high priority information. The goal was to find the right balance between the need of this information and not make it stressful for the driver. If you want to know more about the design process feel free to contact me.

Graphic exploration

Final user interface

Make it mobile

Because the car is ultra connected it was natural to propose a mobile app allowing the owner to access some of the main feature and setting up the car for the next trip. It was also an important marketing tool for the motor show. Let the potential future owner «playing» with it was the goal, so I develop a prototype that have been given to the commercial team.

Make it real

The car have been presented in Geneva International Motor Show 2019. It was a long journey but what a pleasant one. Following the development process together with the engineering team to be sure the HMI concept is usable in this kind of event. Make it real was great and using it for the first time was a beautiful feeling. Working hard on this project have been possible thanks to the trust of Matteo Piguzzi and Carlo Bonzanigo, thank you.
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